We don’t need no education

Education is important right? At least that’s what I’ve heard.

School isn’t easy for fun but it’s a vital part of making a career.

Despite what Pink Floyd might have said about not needing an education, In this day in age, you really can’t do a lot that’ll make you a decent living without at least a masters degree. This is especially because the cost to live in New Jersey is ridiculous.

Now, I have a bachelors in psychology already and I’ve tried to go back for my masters in social work but (as embarrassing as this is) I was rejected by several programs. SO basically I couldn’t use my degree because I need a masters.

I gave up any hope of going back to school after that; and was my own fault. I could have done better in college and gotten higher than a 3.0 gpa. But I digress.

Then I started thinking about nursing school and wondered how I could do it. My aunt who has three kids went back to nursing school and made it work and she loves it. I mean I see her all the time at a hospital near me and she’s always so happy when she’s working; and I mean if you don’t love what you do is it even worth it?

A couple days ago I had a long talk with a friend who told me I should go for it but there’s no way I could do it with the amount of hours I work. He explained how much work nursing school really is.

Well damn.

Then I started thinking..well great, so I can’t go back to school.I was so beyond stressed for days because despite the fact that I love what I do, I can’t live on two part time jobs.

I also started thinking that maybe this wasn’t the right time for school since I’m not entirely financially stable and I couldn’t see myself being able to cut down on hours.

I was also worried about asking my dad for some money to cover my rent or if my boyfriend was going to be able to cover my half. I had to seriously budget and figure out what I could do and where I needed help.

Take note, I’m so full of pride that I HATE asking people for help. It bothers me a lot. I want to be independent which I have been for a long time; But, I had to swallow my pride.

As of yesterday I’m glad to say I will be starting my journey to nursing school in September!

Until next time,


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